We are back meeting under COVID level two. Please wear a mask to worship, sit in your bubbles appropriately spaced.

PostGrad Plus

PostGrad Plus is a place for postgrads and others to meet and chat in a relaxed and welcoming environment. Come to The Welcome Place on Saturday evenings for fun, food, friendship, various activites, crafts and karaoke (children welcome!). Once a month or so there is an afternoon outing to see some of the local area. For more information contact [email protected] or phone 0279503898/0272714178.


More photos of PostGrad Plus events can be found below. These are albums need a username and password to view them - please contact Kevin or Lisa for details:





October - McLeans Island https://lincolnchurch.org.nz/private_photo_collections/5da230484464590006b0fa5f

September - Sheep farm https://lincolnchurch.org.nz/private_photo_collections/5d74c02ae2c54300067c546a

August - Corsair Bay to Cass Bay walk https://lincolnchurch.org.nz/private_photo_collections/5d59ca9e080cea000a1dbbb0

July - Halswell Quarry https://lincolnchurch.org.nz/private_photo_collections/5d59d8a2080cea000a1dbbbb

June - Diamond Harbour walk https://lincolnchurch.org.nz/private_photo_collections/5d59d14c080cea000a1dbbb3

May - Governer's Bay walk https://lincolnchurch.org.nz/private_photo_collections/5d59daca080cea00061dbbc6

April - Sports Day

March - The Story of St Patrick https://lincolnchurch.org.nz/private_photo_collections/5d59eeeb080cea000a1dbbcf

February - Farm visit https://lincolnchurch.org.nz/private_photo_collections/5d59f0d2e6890c000656d679

January - Chicken farm https://lincolnchurch.org.nz/private_photo_collections/5d59f317e6890c000a56d67d